While as humans we have a highly evolved ability to communicate, co-parenting with a separated spouse can put those skills to the test. If you’re struggling to keep it together, there’s good news. As with everything else in life, there is an app for that. Our Family Wizard is a communication tool that allows separated parents to message each other, includes a shared calendar, and helps you to keep track of child-related expenses.

Messaging features tailored to shared parenting

While email and text messages are inexpensive and easy ways to communicate, they both have their drawbacks. The ability to quickly send short text messages can lead to miscommunication and responses that are not thought through. The rapid-fire back-and-forth nature of text messages can lead to a discussion escalating to an argument in moments. Although email messages take more effort, they too can lead to misinterpretation, and there can be security concerns.

Our Family Wizard’s answer is its message board tool, which has a few unique and invaluable features. First, messages sent and received using this tool cannot be deleted, edited, or retracted. The app also allows you to see when your message was read. While these are sought-after features for those going through the courts, our clients also value the app’s ToneMeter. This smart tool alerts you if the language or tone of the message you plan to send has the potential to contribute to a negative and unproductive outcome. You then have the option of revising your message before sending it.  More mindful communication that tames the emotion can allow you to address the real issues.

Say goodbye to trying to sync calendars and harmonize expense tracking

The app allows co-parents to make plans using a shared calendar, which can be helpful for plotting out an irregular schedule or for planning vacations or other special events. Need to swap daycare pick-up with your co-parent? The app has a system for that. You can also track medical appointments and in-service days.

The Our Family Wizard expense log helps parents keep track of expenses such as sports and dental fees. You can even attach receipts for entries.

If appropriate, you can even set up an account for your children so that you can get the whole family on the same page.

Effective co-parenting begins with good communication

You can access Our Family Wizard on your desktop computer or through the mobile app so that you can do all of the above on the go. The app’s notification system features push alerts, email or text message notifications to advise you of any updates.

Our Family Wizard has a long track record of success with the court system and with family law professionals, but there are other tools and resources available that do some of the same things.

A couple of popular free tools include Google Calendar and the Cozi Family Organizer. Note the free version of the latter contains ads.

These tools are not just helpful for conflict-prone co-parenting, they can be equally helpful for any shared parenting situation.

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