The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually all work sectors, including the legal profession. We at Evans Family Law have implemented several procedures that allow us to continue to assist our clients safely and securely.

Video Conferencing

If needed, our lawyers are video conferencing with clients to move matters forward. We are using many different video conferencing platforms, including FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, to name a few. As always, we take security and privacy seriously. We use home networks that are password-protected and employ virtual private network (VPN) technology when necessary. In the case of Zoom, we ensure all meetings have passwords, and we use the platform’s waiting room feature for additional security. Our lawyers working from home make sure they are in a private physical space and using headphones when meeting virtually.

In-Person Meetings

In specific situations, in-person meetings are necessary. We have a skeletal staff in place at the Evans Family Law office to enable client visits, mostly to facilitate signatures. We hold such meetings only when they can comply with The Law Society of Manitoba’s direction to keep meetings to ten minutes or less while maintaining proper physical distancing between participants.  Fortunately, our main boardroom provides more than ample space to comply with physical distancing requirements.  Additionally, we have implemented strict cleaning procedures after each client meeting and regularly throughout the day, regardless of whether clients or couriers visit the office.

Phone and Email Communication

Of course, as usual, you should be able to touch base with your lawyer via email and phone regularly.  Our lawyers are responding to their emails as usual–whether working remotely or at the office.  We’re also checking voicemail routinely and do not expect any delay in returning client calls or prospective client inquiries.

Taking Care During COVID-19

Whether you know someone afflicted with COVID-19, are employed as an essential worker, or are homeschooling your children and trying to manage without childcare, Manitobans (along with the rest of the world) are facing extraordinary challenges. It’s an exceptionally stressful time. Despite the many challenges, it is our intention to treat everyone with the dignity, care, and respect they deserve.

So far, all of our lawyers at Evans Family Law have been able to serve their existing and new clients using the tools and resources we have available. Despite being physically distant from one another, our team members are supporting each other to make sure we’re doing all we can to carry on business as usual in this unusual time.

By Richard Pollock

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