Celebrating 15 Years of

Evans Family Law Values

Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a journey to establish my own law firm. My goal was to practice law the way I thought could best help my clients. Central to my goal was the belief that families deserved compassionate and empowering legal assistance during times of great emotional turmoil. My goal was to use processes that provided dignity, education, and support to clients, enabling them to make informed decisions that made sense to them.

Looking back, I am proud to see how the firm has evolved and grown, helping numerous families navigate their legal challenges while upholding our core values.

Our Core Values

Throughout this journey, I have the great fortune of surrounding myself with a team of exceptional lawyers and administrative personnel who not only share our firm’s vision and values but expand on them and find creative ways to implement our vision. Their creativity, skill, and unwavering dedication are instrumental in our growth and success. Each member of our team embraces our compassionate and empowering approach to family law, consistently striving to provide support to our clients. Together, we foster a collaborative and supportive environment where our shared vision thrives, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and client-centered services.

Alternatives to Adversarial Methods

From the outset, we recognized that traditional adversarial methods often exacerbated conflicts and hinder effective decision-making. Far too often it appeared to me that lawyers (including me) were too tied to outcomes, outcomes that were not all that relevant to the clients themselves. To prevent our own outcomes from having too much weight in the decision-making process, we place a strong emphasis on developing client-centered processes that foster collaboration and respect. By treating clients with compassion and empathy, we seek to create a safe space where you can express your concerns, fears, and hopes without judgment. In this safe space, we can create outcomes that are relevant to our clients and their families.

Our approach prioritizes the empowerment of clients, believing that our clients should play an active role in shaping their legal outcomes. Through education and support, we attempt to provide the necessary tools so our clients understand their rights, responsibilities, and the available legal options. By equipping our clients with this knowledge, we hope to enable them to make informed decisions that best serve their individual circumstances.

Collaborative Law

One of the key processes we adopted early on was collaborative family law. We recognize that the courtroom is often an unsuitable place for families, particularly when children are involved. Collaborative family law allows us to work together with opposing counsel to find mutually beneficial solutions. We focus on the best interests of the children and the well-being of the entire family. By shifting the focus from adversarial tactics to cooperative problem-solving, we help families reach resolutions that prioritized their long-term needs over immediate wins.

Mediation, Arbitration, One-Day Divorce, & Parent Coordinating

As our firm gained recognition for our client-centered approach, we expanded our range of processes to better meet the diverse needs of families. We incorporate mediation, mediation and arbitration, One Day Divorce and parent coordinating services into our repertoire. These additional options provide families with alternative avenues to reach agreements, allowing our clients to retain greater control over the decision-making process. Our team of skilled professionals can guide clients through these processes, fostering open communication, understanding, and respectful dialogue. When a client’s needs require a different skill set than what we can provide, we look to the greater community, within which we have developed excellent relationships with counsellors, family professionals, financial specialists and corporate and tax law specialists.


Along the way, we recognized that the practice of family law was changing.  In order to meet future challenges, we needed to adopt technology to allow our client’s needs to be served more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. We have had some successes and some failures along the way, but we continue to be a leader in the adoption of technology to better serve our clients.

Looking Forward

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to continually refining our processes and approaches. We understand that the landscape of family law is ever-changing, and we strive to adapt and innovate accordingly. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of client-centered practices, delivering exceptional legal support that empowers families and facilitates positive outcomes.

The journey of our law firm has been driven by the principles of compassion, empowerment, and dignified client-centered processes. By developing alternative approaches to traditional litigation and focusing on collaboration, education, and support, we have helped numerous families navigate their legal challenges with dignity and respect.

As we move forward, we will continue to evolve, ensuring that our firm remains a compassionate and empowering force in the lives of families in need.

By Greg Evans, K.C.

greg evans imageThe lawyers at Evans Family Law all have specialized training to provide legal services using the collaborative family law process. If you want to find out more, we’d be happy to talk with you. Contact us today.